Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Kai and Tisha arrived on time as usual. I was kidding Kai because he had his head sideways and asked him it his neck is broken. This was just him acting a bit silly. He then started to go to the bedroom to see Umma. I put my projects on hold today...I have been re-tiling the breakfast room area for the last three days, it is almost done except some little touches here and there. We asked him if he saw his picture in the paper. He knows that his picture was in the Sunday edition. Asked him who is that boy...he answered; "Kai-Kai." I think that as the time goes by and I will be doing his exposures in the papers, he will be jaded about it and will consider his appearances as the usual thing.

Nothing unusual happen the early morning. He and Umma went to the park and came back just in time for lunch. We had dungenees crabs, I made some shoestring potatoes and fried three rashers of bacon just in case. He ate all the bacon and of course he ate some crabs too. It takes time for him to chew his food. He is like a chipmunk that hoard its food in the make him eat a bit faster, I told him that I am going shopping and asked him if he would like to with me. He said, "Yes!" I had to tell him again to hurry and finish his food so he can go with me. I left the dinning table and sort of waited for him. Later I found out the he did put the remaining bacon in his mouth and told Umma..."I am finished!"

Went to bathroom to pee...and got a small "treasure"a lollipop whistle. He likes it but had to wipe his hands many times because..."it is sticky!" While we were getting out from the car, again, "my hands is sticky!" I told him to lick his hands because we don't have any wet towel and he answered, "No! we have to use WIPES." I just found out that whenever his hand got dirty in the park, Umma uses "WIPES." When he was able to figure out how the whistle works, we told him to use it to wake his Mommy...He said, "No! if I wake her, she will be cranky!" I think the remark is so funny.

He really likes shopping! We went to Henry's to buy some honeydew melons and his favorite macadamia nuts which are on the last day of sales today. After that we went to Vien Dong supermarket. He really got excited seeing all the live crabs, swimming tilapias, and the live frogs plus all the other dead fish on the shelves. I showed him some baby octopus and big ones too. He also looked at the different shrimps. At the meat section, I showed him the chicken and duck's feet. He made a comment when he saw a dressed duck..."that is a dead duck." This gives me a shock! I am not sure how he was able to tell that it was a dead duck. He really knows his fruits and vegetables. As we pass by, I will ask him what it is and he can tell if it is an apple, banana, avocado, celery and potatoes etc. I bought some blue crabs, a catfish, some mackerel for "tinapa" (will cure it by smoking). I had the butcher quartered me some pork spareribs and artichokes for the weekend.

He was really very vocal in both of the stores...and loud too! I had to tell him that the china man would not like him to talk loud. We were able to deter him from going back to see the live frogs. While on the way to the cashier, we passed by the cookie section. I showed him some packages, he looked at one and dumped it with the rest of our purchases. I had to retrieve it and put it back on the shelf. I got him some small individual fruit flavored pudding. He ate five of the when we arrived home. He carried the rest home with him (it must have suited his taste).

When we reached home he stayed close to me while I was preparing to season the fish, and I started boiling some water for the crabs. Naturally he would like to help me cook! I washed the crabs and told him that he can help me cook it but he would have to wait for the water to boil. He positioned himself on the highchair next to the stove. When the water was boiling, I had a tong for him to grab the crab and let him dump it in the water. While the crab is cooking and turning red...he noticed that and asked me why is it getting red. I had to explain to him that it is cooking..."Oh!" I seasoned the rest of the fish and placed them in plastic bags for later. I had to explain to him that that will be for later...he wants to help cook the fish too.

They were outside looking for some bugs and snails when Tisha came. I was on the computer when they were ready to go home. He came to me and told me; "I have to kiss and hug you, I am going home...carry me please." He always has a long face when it is time to go home...We must be doing something pleasant for him! Till next Wednesday Kai-Kai.


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