Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Kai was so proud showing his underwear when they arrived this morning. When I came to the living room, the first thing he did was to show me his underwear. He had been wearing the pull-ups after he graduated from diapers and it was only lately that Tisha started him with the regular "carsonsillo." I think he's got that "free" feeling between his legs and he keeps his hands most of time touching himself...feeling his butt like being assured that it is there. Boy was he very proud about it...and as a matter of fact, when they arrived at the park this morning, he went to the middle of a group of children and pulled his pants down to show everybody. Umma told him that he is not suppose to do that...well, he is learning.

I wrapped some shrimp with wanton wrappers like the Thai Shrimp recipe I had, also cut a few strips of the wrapper, made a slit in the middle and run one end inside the slit to make a ribbon like "crisp." He was all set to do some cooking when they came back. That was his lunch with some rice (he asked for it) and watermelon strips. Every time I try to make his lunch an experience and with fun. This way he can learn to eat almost everything without a fuss. When we were in the yard, I put a piece of loquat in his mouth and told him that it is sweet ... he ate it and even had a seconds.

We did some collage it will turn out to be dyphtic, a two section art piece when it will hung. He did a demo for Mike and Tisha and even gave his dad a brush and wanted him to join him gluing the tissue paper.

After lunch he got his baseball cap and pulled my hand to go with him to the backyard. With Kai, you are not sure what he intends to do. He wants to do some fishing. I changed the water in the bucket and he played there for awhile. He went inside and when he came back, he got my pruning saw...and would like to cut some wood...of course he can not cut them but was happy that he made some marks. Since the weather is a bit warmer, I let him help me water the plants and he filled the fish pond with water.

Tisha and Mike came together to pick him. Tisha, made him sign his name on the card for Umma.

Today, I must have heard "UMPHA" a hundred times and he even called his dad Umpha when he was giving him a brush.


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