Thursday, May 03, 2007


I planned to blog yesterday but Umma wanted to see a horror movie. When we came back I don't have the urge to blog so I just played some games on the computer.

Kai did not hesitate to end his morning at the park because Umma told him that he will have to help Umpha to cook his lunch. He brought me some flowers that he picked in the curb with Umma. He appreciates even a dandelion. He loves most if the dandelions have started to seed and the fuzzy top can be blown away.

He was excited to start cooking. He climbed the highchair next to the stove all set for his culinary adventure.I let him cracked the egg and showed him how to scramble. I let him put it in the pan and gave him a spatula to stir. I was not intending to add some cheese but he asked for it..."I love cheese!" "Yummy." Earlier, I made his French fries and a couple of bacon rashers. The ruse helped ...he ate the whole thing! He wanted some punch to go with it. He saw some crispy anchovies in a bowl..."Oh small fishes" He ate some of that too. Later for dessert he had some tiny wafer sandwiches with chocolate cream and some yogurt ice cream.

I tuned in the TV for Tom and Jerry..."It is Tom and Jerry" "YUPPIE!" He loves that cartoon! Of course he was all over the place like on a scavenger hunt and found a packet of Swiss chard seeds. He knows what it is! He asked me to go outside in the backyard so he can "plant some seeds." I let him put the seeds in a container pot. It is amazing that he knows that it had to be watered. He got one of the spray plastic bottle with water and started to spray the soil. At his very early age, he has seen me with my plants, and I have given him a small shovel for digging...and I think the instinct made him want to do some planting. He even commented about some "plants are growing now" thinking that they were the ones he planted last week. I am glad that he is really showing interest in the plants, the bugs, the worms and the snails.

We spent most of the afternoon outside and when Tisha came, he was with his fishing pole, trying to catch some floating plastic fishes with magnet from a bucket of water. Earlier, he went to bathroom to pee. I help him put up his and while we were back in the yard, he called me..."Umpha you forgot to zip my pants."


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