Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hollywood here we come...!
Just for fun...I thought it would be nice to see how Kai would respond to me coaching him to pose in different situations. He really did very well...I think. The camera has been part of his life since his birth. He is not camera shy. He likes to peek at the viewer of the camera after ever shot. So, one day, as if we had nothing to amuse ourselves, I asked him to pose for me. You be the judge of the results....

"I am a handsome boy"

"I am cold"

"I am tired and sleepy"

"Mmm...That is delicious"

"I am thinking..."

"I have an idea!"

"Ay dios ko*! I am scared!"

"You stink!" "baho-baho"**

"I am mad!"

* "ay dios ko" is the equivalent of "Oh my God."
**"baho-baho" literally means "stink in tagalog.
He learned these words when he was almost three years old by hearing me saying them...


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