Thursday, November 22, 2007


Tuesdays and Thursday is Kai attend Pre-School.
I am glad that Kai is not a shy kid. Going to school is a treat for him. The very first day he was able to find himself a girlfriend. I have not seen the girls but according to Tisha, she is a cute and pretty. I guess pretty girls won't get passed by with Kai. We found out that she is from Chile...or the parents are from South America. Her name is Emilia. Gosh! I did not get my first "puppy love" until I was in first grade.
When Tisha told me to asked Kai about her and I did, Kai gave me a coy smile and told me that he like her and she likes him. In school they are always together and Kai share his lunch with her.
I think this is funny....
When asked what they do in school; "Eat and play"
Later when asked what he learned in shool; "Everthing!" (emphasis)
The other day Tisha was telling us that Kai and his classmates went on a field trip to a Pizza house. They were shown the process of making the pizza, and the was treated with individual (small) pizza. But the best thing that happened there was Kai gave Emilia a kiss. early starter? Also noted that he ate quite a bit of the pizza...he such a picky eater that Umma and I have to cajole him during our lunch time. Before it will take some time for him to chew his food, as late of last Wednesday, we noticed that there was a change. I made him some julienned hot dog and called it "spaghetti hot dog," some fried shoestring potatoes and cut -up persimmons which he was reluctant to eat but when he did, he liked it and ate half of the fruit. He finished what he had on his plate downed with chocolate milk.


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