Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wednesday was just another day for us with Kai. Every time he came, even when the door is not locked, he will always ring the bell. Umma and I always greet him with a question;"who is there?" and when he shows up..."Oh it is Kai-Kai." We are both corrected about latter. "Just one "Kai," not "Kai-Kai"...I am a big boy now, Kai-Kai is when I was a baby."
He started his morning with one egg cheese omelet, sliced persimmons and chocolate milk. As the day progressed, he was all over the house playing and for quite a while rode his tricycle round and round the house. Only couple of times he will holler, "Umpha help!" that is when he got stuck in some corner and can't maneuver.
He is still the "kiti-kiti" boy. He seems not to be contend in one place and when he is, he had to do some tinkering of whatever on hand. Even when watching TV,she just can't be in one place but his eyes was on the screen. His favorite, "Tom and Jerry" is still number one for him. He really enjoyed them even if they are re-runs and had seen the several times. Another is "Spongebob Square head." He tends to like those of the rated for seven years old. He does not go very much for "Dora" and Diego anymore .
He tends to run from one place to another. He bumped the side of his head in the kitchen counter and got a red ear. The big disaster was while watching TV, he leaned on the board where I have my keyboard and everything just fall down. This gave him a scare, cried and saying "I am sorry" profusely. I think that he got scared that I will get mad at him, He start calling Umma to the rescue. After telling him that it will be all right and I will fix his mess, he stopped crying. My observation, as long as he was told that it is okay, he will stop crying.
Until Tisha came to pick him, we are both playing games in the computer. He likes to start the game. He knows where the "Start" and he choose what phase of the game to be played...but he will let me do the hitting of the balls..."because it is hard." I saved the Yahoo promo of "The Return of Superman." It is a game with camera and you have to photograph Superman while flying the skies of different cities. He enjoys that.
He can read quite a bit now...but get frustrated trying to write his name. "All I can write is I."
I told him that he will learn it just like learning going to the bathroom to pee and poo.
We haven't done any painting lately. I am just waiting for him to get inspired.
When we are going to the car, he noticed Lulu, the little girl across the street. They waved to each other before I can strapped him on his car seat.

Thursday, November 22, 2007



His passion with cars is endless! But, in spite of the many toy cars he possess, the one above is his very favorite. I took the picture sometimes ago so he can see them later in years or in case the car is lost. Lo! and behold! we can not find this car last is still missing. for some reason he misplaced them while here in the house. He was so upset Tuesday and won't go home till he got his car. Until yesterday we are looking for it ...turning everything upside down to find it. I think it will show up sometimes and I am sure that he will be happy when it appears. I have not seen the car with him last Tuesday...he had a bunch of them on the inside of a skull mask and he just started to look for the "cheap car when he was about to go home.
I guess like Linus of Peanuts cartoon having his blanket for security, Kai has his "cheap car."
The "cheap car" is not missing after all. Tisha got it somewhere in her house. What was missing is another red car...Huh...still missing.


Tuesdays and Thursday is Kai attend Pre-School.
I am glad that Kai is not a shy kid. Going to school is a treat for him. The very first day he was able to find himself a girlfriend. I have not seen the girls but according to Tisha, she is a cute and pretty. I guess pretty girls won't get passed by with Kai. We found out that she is from Chile...or the parents are from South America. Her name is Emilia. Gosh! I did not get my first "puppy love" until I was in first grade.
When Tisha told me to asked Kai about her and I did, Kai gave me a coy smile and told me that he like her and she likes him. In school they are always together and Kai share his lunch with her.
I think this is funny....
When asked what they do in school; "Eat and play"
Later when asked what he learned in shool; "Everthing!" (emphasis)
The other day Tisha was telling us that Kai and his classmates went on a field trip to a Pizza house. They were shown the process of making the pizza, and the was treated with individual (small) pizza. But the best thing that happened there was Kai gave Emilia a kiss. early starter? Also noted that he ate quite a bit of the pizza...he such a picky eater that Umma and I have to cajole him during our lunch time. Before it will take some time for him to chew his food, as late of last Wednesday, we noticed that there was a change. I made him some julienned hot dog and called it "spaghetti hot dog," some fried shoestring potatoes and cut -up persimmons which he was reluctant to eat but when he did, he liked it and ate half of the fruit. He finished what he had on his plate downed with chocolate milk.