Thursday, November 22, 2007



His passion with cars is endless! But, in spite of the many toy cars he possess, the one above is his very favorite. I took the picture sometimes ago so he can see them later in years or in case the car is lost. Lo! and behold! we can not find this car last is still missing. for some reason he misplaced them while here in the house. He was so upset Tuesday and won't go home till he got his car. Until yesterday we are looking for it ...turning everything upside down to find it. I think it will show up sometimes and I am sure that he will be happy when it appears. I have not seen the car with him last Tuesday...he had a bunch of them on the inside of a skull mask and he just started to look for the "cheap car when he was about to go home.
I guess like Linus of Peanuts cartoon having his blanket for security, Kai has his "cheap car."
The "cheap car" is not missing after all. Tisha got it somewhere in her house. What was missing is another red car...Huh...still missing.


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